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Bambi Seminars are open to all staff, contractors, volunteers, interns, visiting researchers, and other Smithsonian Affiliated Persons.

To register you will need a valid Network Credential from the Smithsonian or Smithsonian Visitors Registration System.

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About Bambi Seminar

It began in 1985 and was officially known as an informal “Bambi seminar”.       Island residents named this informal seminar series after Bambi, a baby Tapir that used to visit the station with her mother at the time when the residents still fed the animals.

Bambi seminars are open to all Smithsonian staff, contractors, volunteers, interns, visiting researchers, and other affiliated persons.      You will need to have a valid network credential from the Smithsonian in order to register for a Bambi. You may also use your credentials from the Visitor Registration System to access this site.

Today, following that tradition, we invite you to attend a Bambi or give one.     Any Smithsonian partner or affiliate wanting to share their ideas before or after their research studies are welcome to present a "Bambi".

Terms and Conditions

On time

We expect you to arrive at Gamboa before the boat departs at 5:30 p.m.

Be Ready

If bringing children under 8 years old please carry their life jacket as they must wear it while on the boat.


The ticket will be valid for the reserved Bambi night only.

There will be no reimbursement for cancellation.

Let's Get In Touch!

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on the Bambi Seminars, we look forward for suggestions on new talks!